10 awesome family travel experiences that you AND your parents will love


Awesome family travel experiences that you AND your parents will love. Getting the chance to travel when you’re young is pretty great. You get to visit other parts of the world (or your home country) and learn about how people live. You get to meet new people and make new friends. You get to try new foods. You might get to learn a new language. And you’ve got your parents with you to help out if you get nervous or shy.

One of the best things about traveling on an Intrepid Family holiday is that, along with hanging out with other families in your group, you also get around with a local leader – an expert who knows just about everything about their country, who can help you meet the locals, buy a bus ticket, or pick the yummiest thing on the menu (that isn’t hot chips!).

You also get to do lots of cool activities that might be harder to organize if you were just traveling with your parents. Things like learning calligraphy in Japan, making dumplings in China, or sleeping in a treehouse in Thailand!

Here are ten of our favorite things to do on Intrepid Family adventure (that your parents will love too!).

1. Learn to make – and play – a traditional panpipe in Peru

10 awesome family travel experiences that you AND your parents will loveHow cool are those panpipes? Photo by Heather Kelly.

Peru is full of cool stuff: ancient ruins that look like they’re straight out of Jumanji, amazing markets filled with crazy-looking fruits and yummy local snacks, the Amazon rainforest (!!), and cute llamas, alpacas, and vicunas at every turn. Equally cool is the chance to meet with a local musician, who’ll show you how to make – and play – the zampogna, a traditional Peruvian panpipe. Also known as sikus, zamponas are made using bamboo shoots or cane and can be heard in traditional music all across the Andes. Best of all, you’ll get to take your zampogna home with you.

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