10 Holiday Stress Relief Tips to Help You Stay Sane This Holiday Season


Although the holiday is festive, they tend to be A LOT!

I mean you get to see the joy on your kid’s faces and get to see all of your family and friends but, let’s face it, they are also FULL OF STRESS!  Here are 10 Holiday Stress Relief Tips to Help You Stay Sane This Holiday Season. 

There is the stress on your wallet from buying all those gifts for your loved ones and ones you don’t really love so much.

There’s the stress on your mentality. I mean getting All of your family together in one room is bound to be… let’s say eventful?!

Then there’s the physical stress of managing it all. It takes a toll on your health.

You have to help coordinate hotels and flights, make sure your house is always clean for uninvited company, make sure you have enough gifts and aren’t overspending, make sure you keep the members of your family who are fighting separate, and also make sure you’re not overeating and stay healthy through it all.

So, here’s a list for you that will help you get through the holidays and not feel overwhelmed, but will allow you to actually enjoy the gaiety.

This list will help you to stop being the outsider during the holidays and to actually be a part of the festivities and have some fun.

Fellow moms, we can do this!

This list will help us feel the joy in this joyful season.



This is a massage for holiday stress relief tips to help busy moms and others reduce stress and stay sane during the holiday season

No matter how much you make a list of the things you need to do and check off what you’ve done, there are always 15 more things that need to be added.

With the never-ending lists of things to do, cleaning, shopping, cooking, stress will occur.

With stress comes tightened muscles and achy backs. That’s where a message comes in.

Having a personal message will melt all of your aches and pains away. A massage will relax your mind and your body so you’re able to focus and accomplish everything that needs to be done.

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