11 Actor s That Let Great Roles Slip Away


Turning down a role can happen for different reasons. The most popular reason is when the crew and the actor s can’t get their schedules to match up. Age also matters. For example, Katee Sackhoff really wanted to be in Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight but it was her age that was the problem. Also, sometimes actors are not hired because the public doesn’t agree with certain casting decisions.

Vibesdiary Blog looked behind the scenes of the movie industry and found out the stories about actors that were supposed to play certain roles, but didn’t get them.

Leonardo DiCaprio — Joker (Joker, 2019)


Why he didn’t get the role: The director changed. In 2017, information about the new film about the Joker started to appear and the main producer was supposed to be Martin Scorsese. Of course, everyone started saying that DiCaprio would get the part because he often works with Martin Scorsese.

Who got the role: Joaquin Phoenix. In the end, Todd Phillips became the director. Scorsese left the project. Despite the fact that the heads of the studio still wanted DiCaprio for the main role, Phillips insisted on hiring nobody but Phoenix.

For about 3 months, the director asked Phoenix to agree to play the part. Joaquin was worried that the Joker was going to be another superhero movie. He would have loved it more if the film was named Arthur. Phillips said that before the start of the shooting process, he still didn’t hear a clear “yes” from Phoenix. He only kept getting more and more questions about the character and the project.

Kate Winslet — Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (The Favourite, 2018)


Why she didn’t get the role: She chose a different project. Kate Winslet is a pretty popular actress. Every year, there are 2-3 movies where she plays one of the main roles. When she was offered a role in The Favourite, Winslet turned the offer down, choosing the more famous and experienced Woody Allen and his Wonder Wheel.

Who got the role: Rachel Weisz. Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of The Favourite, had already worked with Weisz in his film The Lobster. There, the actress played the main part. Her work with Colin Farrell was pretty successful, so it is no wonder that Yorgos Lanthimos wanted to see this talented British actress in his movies again.

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