11 Gadgets That Just Might Save Your Life One Day


A modern person is thought to be completely reliant on gadgets like smartphones or laptops, but that’s a far cry from the truth. Below are some devices a person’s life can truly depend on.

VibesdiaryBlog gathered several modern inventions that can help you out in a difficult situation.

11. A venom extractor

The Sawyer extractor pump kit is gadgets that will help you remove venom left by insects or snakes. The name says it all: it’s a powerful and convenient vacuum pump that can extract venom from a wound. Apart from the pump, the kit includes a razor, sterile tissues, and Band-Aids.

10. A pocket slingshot

The Pocket Shot is gadgets that allow you to shoot diverse projectiles, from metal balls to stones or bolts, with just a slight effort and hardly any special skills. Just put your projectile into the rubber sling, pull it back, aim at your target, and release. Perfect for small game hunting. And what’s more, you can easily make one yourself! Here are the instructions.

9. An anti-attack ring

11 Gadgets That Just Might Save Your Life One Day

This Go-Guarded anti-assault ring will perfectly suit active women that like to hike, walk or jog alone, especially before sunrise. It can be worn on any finger and can be taken out easily if a sudden assault occurs. Go Guarded has a jagged edge that increases a person’s chance to successfully fight off an unexpected attack.

8. A self-propelled float lifesaver

11 Gadgets That Just Might Save Your Life One Day

U-Safe is a smart float gadgets with an electric engine and remote control. It’s made for use on ships and in coast guard teams. The remote control lets you guide the float to a person who has fallen overboard and safely get them to the shore or the ship’s hull. Developers also plan to add a multiple-person option and increase the distance it can travel.

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