13 Winter Driving Mistakes That Could Put You in Danger

Safe winter driving is as much about being cautious as it is avoiding dangerous mistakes. We asked winter driving experts about the worst winter driving errors that could put you in danger.

Driving on a quarter tank

13 Winter Driving Mistakes That Could Put You in DangerEVANNOVOSTRO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Winter weather has the nasty habit of causing unexpected delays on the roads. Chevrolet’s winter driving experts warn to avoid the mistake of running on or close to empty. Keep your gas tank at least half full when driving in winter, and always have a charged cell phone in case of emergencies. Find out how to survive your car breaking down in winter.


Forgetting to prep your car

13 Winter Driving Mistakes That Could Put You in DangerBACHTUB DMITRII/SHUTTERSTOCK

Before the first (or next) blast of dangerous winter weather, have your car dealer’s service department prep your ride for winter. Doug Herbert, drag racing legend and founder of the defensive driving non-profit Put on the BRAKES (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe), encourages a thorough battery check because extreme cold requires more energy to start your car. At 0° F, a car’s battery loses about 60 percent of its strength, and at 32° F, it loses 35 percent. Ask your mechanic to also check all your lights, wiper blades, fluids, and tire pressure, which can drop along with the temperature.

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