20 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions of 2020


Is your marketing program getting harder to manage as it grows bigger? A category of software you can use to automate, streamline, and measure your marketing-related workflows and tasks is marketing automation software. Since there are plenty of products available in the industry, we compiled the 20 best marketing automation software solutions of 2020 to narrow down your search.

Marketing automation solutions changed the way businesses handle the relationship between their brand and customers. By automating various processes that would have otherwise been performed manually, you increase the efficiency and efficacy of your team in your marketing initiatives. This makes it a crucial component of customer relationship management.

Among others, the system uses a predictive algorithm to target the right recipients of your marketing campaigns. Through a targeted and personalized approach, you can drive more conversions, turning leads into customers.

20 Best Marketing Automation Software Solutions of 2020www.relationedge.com

Marketing automation has indeed come a long way since its humble beginnings and is still bridging the gap between marketing and sales. Numerous technologies have developed new functionalities that are capable of managing different marketing processes. These technology trends for marketers have been helping shape the future of marketing automation.

There are plenty of products available making it tedious to choose one. In addition to conducting a comprehensive business evaluation of your needs, it is helpful to explore and compare the features and functionalities of leading products in the category. To help you narrow the list down, we compared the 20 best marketing automation software solutions you should consider in 2020.

What are the 20 best marketing automation software solutions of 2020?

  1. HubSpot Marketing
  2. SharpSpring
  3. EngageBay
  4. Marketing Creation
  5. LeadSquared
  6. Marketo
  7. Oracle Eloqua
  8. ActiveCampaign
  9. Exponea
  10. Real Magnet
  11. Pardot
  12. IBM Marketing Cloud
  13. iContact Pro
  14. Wishpond
  15. GreenRope
  16. Constant Contact
  17. AdRoll
  18. Salesfusion
  20. InstaSky
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