5 amazing health benefits of spicy foods


Amazing health benefits of spicy foods. It seems like there are a million different kinds of hot peppers you can buy. And not only are they a great way to add flavor to your recipes, but research also shows that they may have a surprisingly positive effect on your health.

Hot peppers, like jalapeños and chilies, are rich in a component called capsaicin. “What we now know about capsaicin is that it has many benefits in terms of adding to the resistance to disease,” says Cary Present, M.D., a medical oncologist at City of Hope hospital in California and author of Surviving American Medicine. “Capsaicin as a local treatment can help with the pain. Eating peppers can also help improve immunity, and we know from a huge study done in China that people who ate peppers a few times a week had a longer life.”

5 amazing health benefits of spicy foods

Another go-to spice for improving your health: Tumeric, the yellow spice often used in Indian food and curries. The main active component of turmeric is curcumin, which studies show can help prevent cancer, decrease inflammation in the body, and have other positive effects.

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