5 Easy Ways to Become a Morning Workout Machine

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Everyone wants to start exercising during the golden hour. But then again, if it were easy, everyone—including you hardcore night owls—would do it. There are the obvious solutions to slating in a morning workout: re-programming your day to accommodate eight hours of sleep and setting an army of alarms, for example, or creating a high-energy playlist and keeping your gym bag packed and ready to go with minimal fuss while you’re fighting the morning fog. And yes, these are some of the steps you should take.

But Vanessa Martin, the CEO, and founder of SIN Workouts thinks you can do more. A lot more. In fact, she has a surefire plan to ensure that you’ll get your sweat on and be at your desk before your colleagues have even hit the snooze button. All you have to do is follow these five simple steps.

Track down a reliable partner.
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“When you’re showing up by yourself, it really is you versus you in the morning, playing [a] competition with the snooze button on your alarm,” says Martin. The simple solution: grab a partner. Martin has found that when he and the other trainers at SIN pair up clients, those clients are nearly twice as likely to show up to classes than their stag counterparts. “If you know that Bob or whoever is going to show up,” says Martin, “if you’re not there, you’re kind of letting somebody else down.”

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