52 Super-Fast Health Boosters That Works Like Margic

52 Super-Fast Health Boosters

You want to delay the decline-and-fall as long as possible. Here’s how to start: This week, pick five of the easiest health changes you can find in our action plan. Make them part of your life. Do likewise the following week, and so on. These are the smartest and simplest health tips—thousands of dollars’ worth of medical advice for free. And once you’ve run through the list, check out our exclusive report on 100 Ways to Live to 100!


Never catch a cold

Sneezing Health Boosters

Cold viruses are transmitted through the air and by touch, so the best way to prevent a cold is to keep your distance from someone who has one, wash your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes and nose—prime entry points for offending viruses. For more on avoiding colds, read up on these 7 Cold and Flu Myths Busted.

Hold a stretch for 60 seconds

stretches best lunge Health Boosters

By your 40s, your muscles are less pliable. Stretch for a full minute to reduce injury. If you’re younger than 40, then 30 seconds is adequate. Try one of The 5 Best Stretches That Will Warm You Up for Any Workout.

Sidestep a hangover

vodka or gin is Health Boosters

Drink lighter-colored alcohols, such as gin and vodka. They are less likely to cause a hangover than darker alcoholic beverages (brandy, whiskey, red wine) because they have fewer congeners, the by-products of fermentation, aging that give beverages their distinctive flavors and colors. For more on alcohol, read up on these 20 Cocktails Every Man Should Know How to Make.

Don’t drink soda

soda, sugar Health Boosters

Aside from providing you with more than your share of empty calories, soft drinks contain high amounts of fructose, which researchers have found may weaken your bones. Try these 7 Ways to Sneak Away From Sugar!

Avoid cold sores

cold sore Health Boosters

If you are prone to them, limit your intake of arginine-rich foods, such as beer, chocolate, cola, peas, and peanuts. The herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores needs the amino acid arginine to initiate its dirty work.

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