8 “Healthy” Foods That Can Actually Be Bad for You

8 “Healthy” Foods That Can Actually Be Bad for You

Eating healthy is just a matter of awareness. Unfortunately, the food industry has made it harder sometimes to actually know what is healthy and what is not, by placing misleading advertisements and labels on what is actually junk food.

Today, at Vibesdiary Blog, we’ve researched which foods are bad for your health, despite claims that they’re healthy. We’ve also added a bonus at the end of the article, on naturally poisonous foods that have to be cooked to become edible.

Fruit Juices

That includes orange juice! For decades, the food industry has sold fruit juices and smoothies as a healthy alternative to regular fruit. Not only does it contain the same amount of sugars as soda, but also, it lacks vitamins and contains empty calories that won’t give you energy.

Instead: Eat regular fruit. If you really like juice, you can make it at home, but remember that it still contains a lot more sugars than eating the fruit normally.


8 “Healthy” Foods That Can Actually Be Bad for You

Unlike what we’ve been led to believe, milk and dairy products are far from being essential to our diet. Although milk does contain absorbable calcium and vitamin D, if you drink a lot of it, you are probably exceeding the calories needed for a day. And, if you’re an adult, you might be at risk if you also eat meat and eggs regularly.

Instead: Think about your current diet, and decide on the amount of milk to consume accordingly. There are other sources of vitamin D, protein, and calcium that could help you enrich your diet without gaining the calories from milk.

Low-sugar calorie-free soda

8 “Healthy” Foods That Can Actually Be Bad for You

Soda is currently not regarded as healthy, and most of the attention has been drawn to sugar intake. So the industry reacted to this and provided sugar-free and low-calorie options. But very little is said about how the phosphate content in these sodas can damage the mineral balance in your bones when doses are high. It might even create a vicious circle in which you feel tired due to mineral bleaching and then drink more cola to feel awake.

Instead: Drink water! A cup of coffee or a cup of tea without sugar is also an alternative. Consider eating a piece of fruit if you feel like having something sweet.

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