8 Incredible Natural Attractions By Train


It’s true that trains can deliver you into the heart of most of Europe’s famous big cities. And many people make an effort to travel to natural attractions you can reach by train. But if you simply want to see incredible features from the window of a train, there are several natural landmarks and features you can view without leaving the comfort of your very seat. From soaring mountains to frozen glaciers, these are some of the top natural features in Europe that you can whizz past.

Morteratsc and Palü Glaciers

8 Incredible Natural Attractions By Train

There are several train rides in Europe that get you close to beautiful frozen rivers. Though many travelers opt for the eponymous Glacier Express, for this reason, there’s another Swiss train ride that offers arguably better views of glaciers. The Bernina Express, which runs from Chur to Tirano, travels almost within touching of Morteratsc and Palü Glaciers. The train also stops at the dramatic Alp Grüm station, where you can hop off and snap the ultimate glacial selfie.

Good to know: If you’re traveling south (that’s Chur to Tirano), the best views are from the right side of the train.

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