9 Insider Eurail Tips For Smart Rail Travelers


Traveling Europe with a Eurail Pass is the most efficient and scenic way to get around Europe, especially when you know a few Eurail tips and tricks to get the most out of your Pass. A little bit of research beforehand will prepare you for your trip and give you answers to questions like:

  • When do I need to make reservations for trains?
  • How can I pick the best routes?
  • When should I use my travel days?

So, here are some of the best insider Eurail tips to help you save cash, make the most of your travel days, and leave with the best possible memories.

9 Eurail tips

1. Check the benefits

9 Insider Eurail Tips For Smart Rail Travelers

This is one of the best insider Eurail tips. Your Eurail Pass offers more than just access to most of the continent’s best trains – it also comes loaded with plenty of valuable benefits. These range from:

  • Discounted fares on private trains and even some cable cars
  • Reduced rates at hotels and hostels
  • Free or discounted travel on popular ferry routes

Check your Eurail Pass benefits carefully before arriving in each city and be sure to flash your Pass as much as you can to take advantage of your Eurail partner discounts

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