9 Men Who Had More Wives Than Sense

Men Who Had More Wives

Although monogamy may be the societal norm for many of us now, it hasn’t always been and still isn’t in many places across the globe. Many ancient societies and religions accepted polygamy as a part of life, with women being wed to the same man on a frequent basis. We thought we’d delve into the more offbeat side of marriage and love and concoct a list of histories’ most married men.

King Solomon

Men Who Had More WivesWise King Solomon, of biblical fame, apparently had seven hundred wives, as well as a further three hundred concubines – which is Bible-speak for mistresses. With 1000 women to pick from, it’s surprising that the Bible only records one Naamah, the mother of Solomon’s successor Rehoboam.

Fat’h Ali Shah Qajar

Not only did Fat’h Ali Shah Qajar have mad beard-growing skills, but he was also a total ladies man. As the second King of Persia, he reigned for 37 years during which he managed to wed about 158 women. Every single woman is listed in the book Tarikh-e Azodi written by Soltan Ahmad Mirza Azord-ed-Dowleh. Fat’h Ali Shah Qajar also found the time to father 260 children, who went on to give him 786 grandchildren.

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