Business You Can Start in Nigeria with #5,000 or #10,000 Naira


Nigeria is a great country lacking good leaders that terminate youth financial empowerment completely while there are no good-paying jobs powered by government, this has lifted poverty in the country by 20%.

We have noticed about 70% of Nigerians want to start their own business due to lack of jobs and youth empowerment, that’s why we put together this article of business to start in Nigeria with #5,000 or #10,000 Naira.

One thing you must know is that No matter how small you think a business can is if you apply the right and revealed principles of marketing, I assure you it’ll grow and start generating millions for you.

This list of business will help you to get started to the extent of standing big in the industry of entrepreneurs.

All the business ideas listed on this post are businesses that someone can easily start with 5000 Naira to 10000 Naira, so its nothing to fear cause it won’t break the bank.

7 Small Businesses to Start in Nigeria with 5000 or 10,000 Naira

1. London Used Cloths (OKRIKA)

Okrika is cloths that are been used outside the country that was imported into Nigeria by some importers. About 48% of Nigerians wore Okrika but you won’t know because they are first-class Okrika.

The facts are that you won’t be able to differentiate Okrika and ready-made if joined together. Many boutiques in Nigeria stock their shop with Okrika and sell them at a higher price.

Starting this business is a good idea for Abuja residents and some popular places residents.

This is the most currently moving business in Abuja which the young youth venture into, and it yields a good amount of money.

This business doesn’t require the shop to start with if you don’t have the cash, no worries.

If you have been to Abuja or live in Abuja then you should understand better why you don’t need a shop to start Okrika business.

The people in this business are merely found in popular areas of Abuja such as roadside and under bridges, All they do is arrange the cloths on top of wide nylon or table.

This business doesn’t even require a full day and won’t disturb you from your other daily activities.

The main appropriate time for this business to start is during the evening when workers are returning from work at (4:30 pm-7:30 pm).

Buying Okreika cloths set, cost from #10,000 to #20,000 and you could find more than 200 pieces of cloths inside a complete set.

The people selling these cloths sell them from the rage of #500 to #1200.

Now if you have a set of clothes bought for #10,000 and find 200 cloths worth of #500 each,

How much will be your profit?

if we should calculate it 500 x 200 = #100,000 – #10,000 which you bought it = #90,000 – #4,000 for transportation = #86,000 wow definitely you will make #85,000 profit in less than two weeks if you are smart and God is in your side.

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