EasyBuy Mobile – Device Financing Platform To Buy Phones & Tablets On Credit


EasyBuy Mobile is a newly launched service in Nigeria that offers to buy phones & tablets on credit. With a 30% down payment, you can take your dream phone home and easily pay the rest amount in installment. If you need an Android phone urgently but don’t have a sufficient amount to buy it at down payment, then EasyBuy Mobile is for you. It is a Device financing platform that helps people in Nigeria to purchase phones offline from popular brands i.e. TECNO, Infinix, iPhone, and Samsung.

This service is very useful, and many people in Nigeria have already bought their dream phone with the help of this platform. No need to tension about the full payment; if you earn on a regular basis then you can easily get in touch with them and get your favorite phone.

Well, in today’s article, we will talk about the EasyBuy device financing platform and provide you all the information you need. If you want to use this service, then we recommend reading this full article. We will also provide you all the contact details and steps to get in touch with them. So, without any further delay, let’s start!

About EasyBuy Mobile

It is an offline phone loan service in Nigeria that helps people buy any phone or tablet from popular smartphone brands. Its official app is now available for Android, and you can use the app to get your phone from EasyBuy. Apart from that, you can also manually approach agents of the authorized stores for the details & registration process. They may charge you for help, but they will also help you do all the paperwork for you, and you will be able to get your phone in a few days.

Before you think of buying any phone with the help of this service, you must have at least a 30% payment of the smartphone price you want to buy. It is necessary to pay otherwise, they will deny your application, and you won’t be able to get your phone. Also, you will need to choose one of their installment package i.e. 3 months plan or 6 months plan. Currently, they have these two options only, and whatever installment plan you will choose, you will have to pay 0.2% interest (counts daily).

Well, the best part is once you get your phone using the EasyBuy platform, you can pay the rest installment with the help of the EasyBuy app. And it is not necessary to visit their office or workplace to submit your monthly payment. After the paperwork, the phone will be completely yours, but do not forget to pay the installment on time. Because they may later charge you extra or file a police complain if not paid on time. Moreover, they will also require you to attach your personal document, which we will talk about later in this article. Since they will collect a copy of your documents for the registration process, we suggest not think about cheating.

Overall, it is a fantastic service and doing great.

How EasyBuy Mobile Platform Works?


It has partnered with major smartphone brands noted above and provides users a POS loan to immediately purchase the user choice phone from any brand. They ask for a 30% down-payment and also collect the information about the user’s monthly income. This process helps them to trust people and give the POS loan easily for purchase. They generate revenue by charging interest from users. And for that, they have two plans that are currently available. In both plans, you will need to pay a little extra in the form of interest.

If you choose the 3 months plan, then it will charge you a 6% interest in total, and if you choose 6 months plan, it will charge you a 9% interest in total. The interest rate also fluctuates, and so, you will need to ask the executive to know about the latest interest rates. Also, if you purchase a high budget smartphone, it will cost you higher interest. So, that is how it basically works.

How to Get your Dream Smartphone on Credit using EasyBuy Mobile?

EasyBuy Mobile

The process to successfully get your Dream smartphone on credit with the help of EasyBuy Mobile will take approximately 4-5 days if you execute on steps correctly. However, it may take you 2 weeks if you approach low store agents. We recommend you first to look around and find a large store. Go to one of the smartphone brands stores noted above and ask about the EasyBuy service from the executive. You can also recognize EasyBuy eligible stores by looking for posters of Deals and services.

Once you found the store, you will need some documents that I have listed below. Without having them, you can’t use the EasyBuy Mobile platform.


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