How to Protect Kids from Online Dating & Gambling?


Online dating since the last decade is on the rise and the reason behind it obviously due to the bombardment of digital devices connected to cyberspace. Cell phone devices have become very common for everyone and today kids and teens are second to none when it comes to the usage of cyberspace. Teens and kids are reportedly getting involved in online dating and gambling.

According to the Gordian report

Online dating and gambling have become one of the huge concerns for parents and today one out of eight teenage boys across Europe doing it using their digital devices. The stats have been collected by conducting Europe –wide survey of schools going students ages 15 and 16. The survey has been done up to four years, almost 96000 schools going students have taken apart belongs to the 35 different countries. Almost 15% of American teens are using mobile dating apps and reports further say the ratio of teens online dating has increased tripled over the last three years.

What is Online Dating?

It is way online using kind of applications that enable them to create a profile and put their favorite photos, complete name, and address. Besides, they will be able to find out people to get involved in personal and romantic relationships. Dating apps like Tinder and many others alike are quite popular among 40 million Americans that are 40% of the single adults of the United States. Mostly online dating apps are free to use but few charge users to access all the available services.

How to Protect Kids from Online Dating & Gambling?
Online Dating
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