Self-Defense Techniques That Every Woman Should Know


Every woman should know the self-defense techniques and use it when there is a NEED for this. Living in a modern century, in the 21 century and modern world, we aren’t safe even walking on the street. This is the reason why should learn how to avoid robbery, how to fight with people that don’t want to release our hands and are holding so strong.

Stay with us for some while and through photos find the details. Read about what animals are dong on the streets, In some of the cities in Italy while people are staying home in Quarantine due to Coronavirus.

If you were grabbed from behind

when someone grabs you from behind, you should do this shown in the photo. Step number 1, 2 and 3. Have a look at it and try at home with a member of your family.

Self-Defense Techniques That Every Woman Should Know
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