The 10 Best Restaurants On Palm Island, Dubai

Restaurants On Palm Island, Dubai

The Palm Island, Dubai, is truly a wonder in itself. This man-made island has a unique structure that has captivated tourists from around the world. With hotel giants from every corner of the globe opening resorts on the island, they have brought along with them a wide variety of award-winning restaurants, serving every cuisine. Here are just some of the best.

Palm Island, Dubai UAE © EL_KAB0NG/Flickr

Restaurants On Palm Island, Dubai


‘Immerse yourself in elegance’ and dine on some of the finer things in life by visiting Os piano. With over five awards already garnered, Ossiano has built an amazing reputation for itself since its opening at the Atlantis. The location may be a key attraction but the food speaks for itself. The amazing selection of seafood provides guests with plenty of options, while the intimate dining experience is unforgettable and incorporates soothing live music to accompany the exquisite meal.

A la Turca

Restaurant, Turkish
A la Turca, found in the Rixos Resort, is an authentic Turkish buffet that serves a variety of dishes that stem from the Eastern Anatolian region. Specific delicacies such as kebabs and mezze are key attractions at this dining spot. The smells of meats marinated in spices roasting on the grill fill the restaurant with flavor, inviting guests to come in and feast on a meal unlike any other. Live cooking stations allow visitors to get up close to the dining experience.
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