The Kutna Hora Bone Church & Other Sites – Day Trips From Prague

The Kutna Hora Bone Church & Other Sites – Day Trips From Prague

Visiting Kutna Hora Bone Church and Other Sites on a Day Trip From Prague

Visiting the Kutna Hora Bone Church and other sites in Kutna Hora is undoubtedly one of the more interesting day trips you can take from Prague.

The Czech Republic is home to some of the most magnificent castles, delicious beer and beautiful nature in the world. It is also home to Sedlec Ossuary, which houses the decorated remains of more than 40,000 people. Think we’re kidding? We’re not.

Only one hour outside of Prague, Sedlec Ossuary (Kostnice), or as its better-known, the Kutna Hora Bone Church, is one of the country’s most unusual and well-known tourist attractions. Each year, thousands of curious tourists pass through the small Czech village of Sedlec to see the bizarre arrangements of human remains with their own eyes. It isn’t as creepy as it sounds, promise.

day trip from Prague to Sedlec Ossuary can easily be combined with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the medieval mining town of Kutna Hora. Kutná Hora, or the city of silver, was once the seat of the national treasury and was responsible for much of the wealth and power throughout the Czech Kingdom. Much like the Bone Church, Kutná Hora is filled to the brim with remnants of the past including the late-gothic Church of St. Barbara and the 13th-century Italian Court palace.

If you’re visiting Prague, Kutná Hora is an easy, affordable and memorable day trip from the busy Czech capital.

First things first, let’s help you get there.

The Kutna Hora Bone Church & Other Sites – Day Trips From Prague

How To Get From Prague to Kutna Hora

When planning your day trip from Prague to Kutna Hora, it is important to decide whether you’d like to start in the center of Kutna Hora or the village of Sedlec, home to the Kutna Hora Bone Church, or Sedlec Ossuary (kostnice sedlec).

Prague to Kutna Hora By Train:

Trains to Kutna Hora leave Prague Main Station (Praha hl.n.) every two hours and the total travel time is about one hour. First, you will arrive at Kutna Hora Main Station (Kutná Hora hl.n.), which is about one kilometer from the center of Sedelec and four kilometers from the city of Kutna Hora.

If you’re visiting Sedlec first, you can opt for a 15-minute walk or take the local train one stop to Kutna Hora-Sedlec. Kutná Hora-Sedlec is a request stop, so be sure to press the request stop button (zastávka na znamení) located near the train door. If you miss the train, take one of the Kutná Hora city buses (No. 1 and 7) and get off at the second stop, Sedlec Tabak.

If the town of Kutna Hora is your first stop, transfer to the local train at Kutná Hora Main Station and get off at Kutna Hora Mesto. In this case, make sure you purchase a return ticket in Prague for Kutna Hora Mesto, not Kutná Hora Main Station. This way you will only pay one fee. Again, if you miss the train, you can take a city bus (No. 1) into town.

You can purchase tickets at the train station or online here. The price is approximately 112 Kč return.

Prague to Kutna Hora by Tourist Bus:

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