The untold truth of The Walking Dead

The untold truth of The Walking Dead

By all measures, The Walking Dead has been a whirlwind success for AMC, and its continued high ratings are proof that the recent zombie pop-culture craze was more than some flash-in-the-pan fad. Lucrative as the show is, though, it’s not been without its fair share of issues. Here’s the history of The Walking Dead you might not know.

Beam me up, Robby

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When comic book writer Robert Kirkman first came up with the concept of The Walking Dead, he didn’t want his idea to fester in some pile of generic zombie pitches, so he added a little something extra to the mix: aliens. Kirkman revealed that when he first approached Image Comics about his story ideas, they thought it needed an extra hook, so he threw in an otherworldly element, suggesting that his zombies could have been sent to Earth by aliens. Kirkman never intended to follow through on that plot track, but it got him the green light. Ultimately, Kirkman did circle back on the alien theme in Issue #75, which featured a (non-canonical) bonus ending that served as a sort of homage to that original concept.

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