This Is the Worst-Rated Cruise Line in the World


When you embark on a cruise, you expect top-of-the-line service—from breakfast in bed to poolside piña coladas. And obviously, you’ll want incredible accommodations and activities, to boot. But with hundreds of cruise lines to choose from, it can be daunting to know which will be best for all your vacation needs. Or, perhaps more importantly, which lines you should never, every book.

Luckily, in January 2019, consumer group Which? released their annual report of the 20 best and worst cruise lines. To make their list, the group asked more than 2,500 passengers to rate their cruise experiences on a scale of one to five across 11 categories. Those categories included customer service, cabin space, onboard facilities, food and drink, port excursions, entertainment, atmosphere, WiFi, and value for money.

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