Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair


Styling your hair, whether it be dyeing it, blow drying it, straightening it or curling it, takes a toll on the health of your hair. Not to worry, though, you can keep your flatiron. Just follow these 10 tips for healthy and beautiful hair:

1 Use a Thickening Hair Mask

Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Hair masks are the ideal way to detangle and deep-condition your hair. They also protect your hair from heat damage and environmental stressors. Since many hair products and styling methods can cause hair to thin, it’s a good idea to use a thickening hair mask. Thickening hair masks have all the benefits of regular hair masks while helping to stimulate new hair growth and give you fuller, thicker strands.

2 Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar

Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Apple cider vinegar is not only great in salad dressings, but it’s also great for your hair. Apple cider vinegar can exfoliate dry flakes from your scalp, remove product residue, and increase shine; all this is because of its acidic nature. Use it before or after your shampoo treatment by pouring a generous amount directly onto your scalp and massaging it along your strands.

3 Shampoo Only your Roots to the Mid-Shafts

Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

A common mistake people make is to apply the shampoo all over their hair. The shampoo is a cleanser and therefore, should only be used on the areas that get dirty and grimy. Oil and dirt tend to be concentrated in the roots. If you concentrate on shampooing your hair from the roots to the mid-shaft, then you’ll be effectively cleaning your hair without drying it out. If you’re concerned that the rest of your hair is dirty, not to worry—the act of rinsing it will bring enough shampoo to the rest of your hair shaft to properly cleanse it.

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