“Wuhan Shake” Video Goes Viral Amidst Coronavirus Fears

Wuhan Shake
  • The viral greeting comes at a time when health officials around the globe have discouraged close contact with each other
  • Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that there was no need to panic, but also advised to take precautionary measures

As the novel coronavirus is spreading across the world resulting in fear and panic for everyone, people have come up with an innovative way to greet each other. Known as the ‘Wuhan shake’, the Chinese are embracing a new way to greet each other, well, not literally, but by shaking their foot.

In a new clip that has gone viral on Twitter, people are seen wearing face masks and saying hello to each other by tapping their feet together. The ‘Wuhan Shake’ got its name from the Chinese city Wuhan, from where the virus spread across the country and also in 60 other countries in the world, including India.

“People in China found another way to greet since they can’t shake hands,” posted a Twitter user with the viral video. “The Wuhan shake. I love how people can adapt and keep a sense of humor about stressful situations.”

Watch the video here:

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